Friday, 10 September 2010

Minecraft Developer's Money Being Held By Paypal?!?!

So Markus Persson (Creator Of Minecraft) has had his paypal account reduced to limited due to so called "suspecious activity", I think its a bit stupid and you would imagine that someone within their account management team would do a bit of research or even already heard of Minecraft and its financial success.

Paypal, get your act together now and sort that shit out.... this guy deserves his money. Check the link for full story details... INCLUDING his WEEKLY earnings.... its a large amount for one awesome man!

Link: Notch's Blog. (Minecraft Development)
Source: Minecraft Fanboyism From Myself


Thought I would update you all and everyone who has checked the blog and supported me so far, we've breached the 1000 Views mark, and actually hit nearly 300 in a single day. Which I'm super stoaked about to be honest.

Thanks guys! <3

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Google Music To Launch Before Christmas

Aswell as providing the ads and income for my blog, and providing millions of internet users with the best search engine out there, Google plan to have their own music service launched BEFORE christmas according to un-named sources that are close to the discussions.

Ive never been into itunes personally, and I hated napster, however if Google launched this service, I would honestly jump on in and buy all my digital songs from them instead of anywhere else. What do you guys think?

Link: Telegraph - Google Music
Source: Telegraph

Orge-load... Nuff Said!

Awesome Yet Adult-Punning Advertising
Spotted this on imgur, thought it was worth the post!

Source: imgur

Tuesday, 7 September 2010


Treadmillasaurus the epic amazing flash game of pure awesome, this is what makes a good flash game, its not even generic and breaks fourth in leaps in bounds of epic win. When you run backwards you even look awesome!

I highly recommend you guys check it out and post your high scores! Oh I forgot to add the theme tune is simply AMESOME much like everything else that is to do with this post!

Link: Treadmillasaurus Rex
Via: Geekologie

Blastoise.... WTF ARE YOU DOING!!!!

All Credit Of The Image/Artwork Goes To The Original Artist.
I'm not even gonna give this story or little bit of entertainment away, because its simply too awesome but too short for me to actually hide or dress-up. All I'm saying is go to the link, its completely legit and is on Google.

Read the Definition of Kaster!

Monday, 6 September 2010

Man resurrects dead lover.... as a SEX doll

So apparently some guy spent £15,000 on re-creating his dead lover into a sex doll... yes that's right he spent all of that to re-create her as a sex doll.

Personally I think it was a complete waste of cash, when he could have got hundreds of hookers instead or better yet he could have spent far less or nothing at all and just stole her corpse from the graveyard.

A much cheaper and feel better solution than a sex doll. Anyway, hit the story up!.

Link: (man-recreates-dead-lover-as-a-sex-doll)
Via: Metro

Crazy Ass Old Guy + Kung Fu = Old Retardism

So while crawling through YouTube I came across a user named "TRUTHNEWSNETWORK1"... anyway... this is your typical old-school american hick who is mind-boggling oozing of pure WTF.

Needless to say this guy decide he will "demonstrate" his kung fu experience throughout his "years" of training.

Just watch the results....