Monday, 6 September 2010

Man resurrects dead lover.... as a SEX doll

So apparently some guy spent £15,000 on re-creating his dead lover into a sex doll... yes that's right he spent all of that to re-create her as a sex doll.

Personally I think it was a complete waste of cash, when he could have got hundreds of hookers instead or better yet he could have spent far less or nothing at all and just stole her corpse from the graveyard.

A much cheaper and feel better solution than a sex doll. Anyway, hit the story up!.

Link: (man-recreates-dead-lover-as-a-sex-doll)
Via: Metro


  1. I think that that's definitely a waste, but at the same time... it's kinda brutal...

  2. what a waste of moeny

  3. I know right, I want this guys e-mail and i'm gonna keep him informed that digging the corpse up is much cheaper!

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  4. Indeed Nigma, thanks for supporting, you too Sup.

    Ill check ya blogs!

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  6. Ssoooooooo disturbing...

    So many whack things happen in the world...

  7. I'm thinking I would try to upgrade if I was spending that kind of money. Maybe a Natalie Portman doll?

  8. thanks for the insightful comments on my blog... best of luck on yours!

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