Friday, 10 September 2010

Minecraft Developer's Money Being Held By Paypal?!?!

So Markus Persson (Creator Of Minecraft) has had his paypal account reduced to limited due to so called "suspecious activity", I think its a bit stupid and you would imagine that someone within their account management team would do a bit of research or even already heard of Minecraft and its financial success.

Paypal, get your act together now and sort that shit out.... this guy deserves his money. Check the link for full story details... INCLUDING his WEEKLY earnings.... its a large amount for one awesome man!

Link: Notch's Blog. (Minecraft Development)
Source: Minecraft Fanboyism From Myself


Thought I would update you all and everyone who has checked the blog and supported me so far, we've breached the 1000 Views mark, and actually hit nearly 300 in a single day. Which I'm super stoaked about to be honest.

Thanks guys! <3


  1. Supportin!

    Need more views bros!

  2. Paypal's a little bitch ain't it..

  3. Good going man :P and that sucks for him lol.

  4. This BS better get sorted Notch has worked hard for his money.

    Also gratz on the views man.